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If you’re a canon printer user, then downloading the canon printer software is the most essential and crucial thing for you to do. Therefore, downloading the canon printer software is a significant stage to prepare your canon printers. Majorly to do their work and provide a pleasant and smooth user experience. However, not everybody knows the proper steps to start the ij.start.cannon drivers. Hence, in this blog, you will learn the easy steps for ij.start.cannon and download the Canon Printer Software.

Download Canon Printer Software

To download the Canon printer software, you must have some information present with you. However, it is recommended to download the canon printer software from the official website as it is effective. But even then, you need some vital information with you, without which it is almost impossible to download the Canon printer software.

  1. You need to have the product type of the printer, the model number of your canon printer, and the series name. However, these details will be mentioned on the sides or front of your printing machine. Apart from the invoice of your canon printer will also contain this information. 
  2. You are also going to need the version of your computer’s operating system.

Fast & Flexible Downloading Process

1. Open a Browser

You need to open any internet browser to open the required website. However, Apple’s safari might be the only option for the Mac user. Hence, whatever browser you use, open the internet browser to download the Canon printer software.

2. Reach Canon's Official Website

After opening your internet browser, please enter the address of the canon website in the address bar of your browser. Therefore, enter the full address, which is “usa.canon.com.” Hit the enter key after entering the URL, which will take you to the official website of the canon.

3. Open the Support Page

After opening the website, look at the upper section of the window. However, you will find many buttons there, out of which you need to select and click on the “SUPPORT” option. Therefore, this step will open the support menu box for canon printer software download.

4. Choose Drivers & Downloads

The menu box opened will provide you with various support options for different canon products. Therefore, you will find the canon printer drivers and downloads, support, manuals, services, and repairs for canon printers, canon professional services in those options. However, here you need to select the Canon Printer Drivers and downloads option.

5. Find the Model Number of Your Printer

As we mentioned earlier, you will need the model number of your printer for this step. However, if you couldn’t check it before, check the sides or front of your printer. Alternatively, you can check the printer package or invoice as well. Thereafter, the printer’s model number is very easily identifiable as it is a string of alphanumeric characters. Apart from that, you will be able to identify the series name, followed by the model number. For example, PIXMA, SELPHY, MAXIFY, LASER, etc.

6. Select Drivers & Downloads

The opened window will give you different web pages to access for your selected canon printer model number. For instance, you will find canon printers drivers and downloads, service and repairs, manuals, etc. Therefore, please choose the “DRIVERS AND DOWNLOADS” option.

7. Select Preferred Language

To proceed further smoothly in downloading the canon printer software of ij.start.cannon choose your desired language. Therefore, click on the drop-down box beside “language” and select a language as per your choice. After selecting the language, everything installed, and the setup information will be mentioned in that language only.

8. Select the Operating System

Similarly, it also required the computer’s operating system details. Therefore, click on the drop-down box next to the operating system and choose the OS used by your system. This is an essential step in downloading the canon printer software as it varies with every operating system.

9. Choose Software Category

Additionally, this window will give you various selections for downloading the canon printer software. Therefore, you will notice software, drivers, utilities, SDK, and firmware. All these options are crucial for the perfect functioning of your canon printer. Although the best decision is to download the whole complete package, still you can choose anything according to your requirements. Furthermore, the entire package is available under the “DRIVERS” section.

10. Click on Select

Next, when you select the “DRIVERS” section, all the downloadable Canon Printer Software will appear there. Therefore, you will get various canon printer software depending. However, select a holistic driver setup package. Moreover, when you click on “SELECT” next to it, it will show the whole menu, which will display all its necessary information.

11. Recheck the Information

The window will give you all the selected details, which you need to review carefully. However, you need to check everything very carefully as your hard disk must have sufficient space for your system. It also gives a link to help you with the ongoing process through detailed instructions.

12. Start Downloading

You will also notice a link to download the Canon Printer Software for ij.start.cannon on this window. All you need to do is search for the “DOWNLOAD” button. Therefore, click on the button to begin the downloading process.

13. Save the Setup File

Once you hit the “DOWNLOAD,” a pop-up window will appear, which will ask you to select the download location of the setup file. Moreover, you will receive this window only if the default download location is not determined in your system. However, you will not receive this option if your system has a preoccupied download location. Furthermore, if it has not been selected, then hit “SAVE AS” and select your preferred location to save this downloaded file.

14. Wait for the Completion

Now, all you have to do is wait patiently for the completion as the process takes a few minutes to finish. Therefore, this last step will begin downloading Canon PrinterSoftware for ij.start.cannon.